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Premium Urad Dhal (4LB) - Whole White
Premium Urad Dhal (4LB) - Whole White

Premium Urad Dhal (4LB) - Whole White

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Urad Gota, Rich In Protein, 100% Vegetarian, 4 LBs

Urad Gota is very popular both in South Indian and Punjabi cuisines. It is a bean which contains plant protein. Urad Gota retains the texture and nutrients.

Taste: Mild

Form: Whole

Type: Vegetarian 

Colour: Creamy white 

Flavour: Rich and earthy 

Originated from: Indian subcontinent 


Urad Gota is enriched with natural goodness and is 

• Rich in Vitamin B

• Comes with soothing qualities

• Contains low amount of moisture

• Packed under hygienic conditions

• Contains low-glycemic carbohydrates

• Boosts energy levels and keeps active

• Does not contain added colours or chemicals

• Rich in protein, vitamins, carbohydrates and dietary fibre

• Smoother and fluffier batter is prepared. This makes the idli and vada soft and fluffy